An Interview with Factory's own Sandy Sachs

kimberlycIn celebration of this year's Christopher Street West - 35 Years Strong, The Factory Event Space, under the guise of Sandy Sachs, welcomes all this Gay Pride Weekend. With 2 DJ's, Kio Kio, local DJ talent and Wayne G., direct from London - she plans on producing yet again, a fervor of excitement, and a party to be talked about for time to come.

What are you doing Gay Pride Weekend? Come join in the celebration this Saturday at The Factory - 652 North Lapeer Drive.


INTERVIEW WITH SANDY SACHS (pictured right above with DJ Kimberly S)

1. So what do you have in store for Pride week at the Factory?

We are excited to be featuring our local talent for the night, KioKio, and from his current US tour - DJ Wayne G. It has been several years since he has played here. I think everyone is in for a real treat. We will keep the party going until the early hours.......I think everyone will enjoy the new gogo boys also. Hot just got HOTTER!!!!!!

2. You are working with Jeffrey Sanker, how did that come about?
Jeffrey and I have been friends for so many years and it just seemed right. Gay Pride is a time for all to celebrate. We have not collaborated for some time - what a perfect occasion!

3. Anything you can tell us about the music we will be hearing Saturday?
Kio Kio is going to get the night started right - after spending a day at the festival - he knows how to keep the party going. Wayne G. who recently moved back to London from Australia is currently touring the United States. He is stopping at many gay Pride celebrations throughout the year so it is only fitting that we share in the pride celebrated around the globe! - coincidently - Wayne's new residency is in London at Factory.

4. Any other surprises in store from the Factory this summer?
We strive continuosly to bring the best of dance and entertainment to a level unsurpassed by many. I think that the next year will bring many surprises for our loyal following. Please watch our website for future events - until then - We salute West Hollywood and Christopher Street West on 35 Years of Pride!!!!!

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