Dear Angelo,

What do you suggest to do in such fearful financial times?

Signed,  Spooked

Dear Spooked,

These are shaky, scary times, falling well before Halloween. But serenity isn't absence from the storm, it's peace amid the storm. You don't have to give away your strength, hope, joy, and peace because of what's happening around you.

While I'm pro-American and pro-capitalist, let me say that the economic crisis we face can be viewed as a reflection of the American way of life, namely spiritual bankruptcy. Too much of our attention is on money. In the end, our interactions with one another are largely based on cash-cash-cash, not on the heart and love. We are partly in the situation we are in because everyone is focused on external validation to feel good -- a bigger house, a more fabulous car, fancier labels, more and more things, etc. We bankroll and charge what we can't afford, living large. But when living high off the hog is based on credit, we are building on a false foundation. A kind of fantasy, not reality -- certainly not a solid or grounded position.

It's fine to want nice things. But as long as we continue to look solely to the material world to fulfill us, there will never be enough. We will always desire more. This mindset fosters a sense of scarcity, which creates fear.

While I'm not saying people deserve such painful losses, the opportunity in this crisis may be serving as a harsh reminder that we need to turn within, tapping in to ourselves and our Source for our happiness and fulfillment.

These are hard times for many. Maybe you're facing a big challenge right now. Often, we experience our greatest growth when we're facing difficult circumstances. The hard knocks of life force us, stretch us to develop more. Don't give up. View confronting your challenges as sowing seeds. Something better lies ahead for you. You may not know why this is happening to you, but trust that the seeds of your challenge will turn into a harvest. Something good will come out of it.

We can raise our energy level and vibrate above fear, cultivating a mindset of abundance, prosperity, and wealth. Nothing outside of us and a healthy relationship with ourselves and something greater (Life, Universe, Mind, God, Tao, Spirit, etc.) will bring us the inner contentment, peace, or love we desire and are searching for.

All The Best, Angelo

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