Dear Angelo,

I feel like giving up on life because I'm so left out when it comes to matters of the heart; and let's not forget Valentine's Day is coming up. The one holiday I truly despise. At this point, my zest for life is weak 'cause yet again, I'm alone. I'm trying to accept singledom, but I don't want to be lonely anymore. I just don't know what to do right now.

Signed, Cupid Missed Me

Dear Cupid Missed Me, 

Often in life we hypnotize ourselves into the "same old, same old." We find ourselves on a merry-go-round, trudging through life like a horse with blinders on. We get down, and drag through the days, following the same circular narrow path.

My clients tell me things like: "Nothing will ever change." "It's never going to happen, so I'm not going to bother trying anymore." "I'm never going to meet anybody, so what's the point of going." "I always be alone." "I'm too old."  "It's too late." They convince themselves, and they try to convince me, that they already know their future. This is depression and anxious doomsday talk, not Truth.

The problem isn't our circumstances, it's our limited vision. If I wanted to give you a thousand dollars but your wallet could only hold a single dollar, you wouldn't be able to receive all my good fortune. It's the same with the Universe. It can only match your capacity to receive. What you give out is what you get back - that's The Secret.

Physicists tell us that an endless Field of potential underlies all things. Everything manifests from The Field. Outcomes are influenced by what the observer "pulls" forth from The Field. It's like electricity. It's always there, flowing, but it's of no use to you if you're not plugged in. This means the things you want can come to you, but only if you're tapped into the stream of goodness, not blocked up.

Tell yourself positive things like: "I'm a rockstar." "Today is a new day and something good is going to happen to me today." "This is my year. Doors are opening. I will meet someone." "I will be at the right place at the right time and the right person will cross my path." "Love is on the way."

Adopt a different approach. The key is to stay hopeful, optimistic, open rather than hopeless, cynical, and closed. Update your files. Expect the best, not the worst.  Change your thinking (tell yourself a different story) and watch your life change.

All The Best, Angelo.

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