Dear Angelo,

I have been reading your weekly newsletter and truly inspired by some of the things that you have written. I came across this powerful video recently and I was so very touched and inspired by it. So many gay men get buried by all the hardship that's put on them and end up living a very depressing life. I hope you can share this with all your network.

Signed, A Sense Of Gratitude

Dear A Sense Of Gratitude,

Thank you for sharing this! Yes, all of us confront some very tough life challenges, but it's not about what you don't have, what's missing, or wrong in your life. It's about what you have, what's present, and what's right. It's not what happens to us that matters as much as how we think about it. Negative thoughts to us are like kryptonite to superman. They weaken us. If you point your thoughts in the right direction and adopt the right approach to life in spite of your circumstances, like Nick Vujicic in the video, imagine where YOU can go.

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