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CMG Spring Gathering: Connecting Heart to Heart - Pathfinder Ranch
Friday, May 24, 2019

“Gathering sounds like fun, but what’s the deal with “Connecting Heart to Heart?”

Would you say that, generally, connecting with other men isn’t easy on a day-to-day basis? Surface conversations between men. Ugg.

“Did you catch the game on Sunday?” “Nice car. What’s the horsepower?” “You married? Got kids?”

Maybe it’s better than silence, but no matter your expression of masculinity, we’ve all had them. It feels like trying to connect, but mostly, it’s awkward, and not much connecting happens—even if you did catch the game on Sunday.

It’s a little sad that it can be so hard for some of us. We want to connect, but as men, sometimes our stuff gets in the way and before we know it, another missed connection! If only we had enough time to get in touch with ourselves and each other, couldn’t we connect in a way that just feels good?

This is why we have gatherings, and the Spring Gathering is designed to be enough time.

The weekend absolutely will be FUN and relaxing—and if you’re interested, all about men, Connecting Heart to Heart.

Wouldn’t you like to spend a long weekend at camp with like-minded, like-hearted men who are laughing, playing, learning and Connecting Heart to Heart?

Let’s get real. Let’s gather and connect.

You won’t get a better offer...

Category: Parties and Special Events
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