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Our members choose to have their social lives enriched by the diverse activities offered in our organization. No single definition can describe Prime Timers, as they come from all walks of life.

Prime Timers involve themselves in their community with volunteerism, politics, gay issues, arts, entertainment and other facets of healthy living. Prime Timers are fathers and care givers. They are businessmen and entrepreneurs. They are workers and they are retired. Some are always on the go and some enjoy the quiet company of others at home. But one thing is true of all Prime Timers: they enjoy the opportunities and friendships that develop with other Prime Timers throughout the world.

Social Area
Social Area

Prime Timers was founded in 1978 by a retired professor, Woodrow Baldwin. he felt a gap existed in today's society, which caters almost exclusively to youth. This worship of eternal youth is never more flagrant than in the gay culture. Woody began the Boston Chapter by placing ads in local newspapers and soliciting his many friends. He expected only a handful of men to attend the first meeting and was surprised when over 40 showed up. This indicated to Woody a need for social and cultural organizations to aid and support the aging gay and bisexual man.

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