• We want to celebrate all of our players that make this organization so wonderfully fun and unique.
  • Any players that participated in 2019 are eligible to be nominees.
  • The top 5 nominees in each category will be eligible to win and open to voting.
  • This is about celebrating YOU, our AMAZING PLAYERS!

We've updated the awards from last year with more sports specific opportunities. 

The Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday, Dec 8th, 3pm-5pm



VGL Members are able to nominate their friends, coaches, allies and teammates in 9 categories.
Nominations will be accepted until Nov 27th. We will announce the nominees on Nov 28th.

Categories include:

Male and Female Athlete of the Year 
Captain/Coach of the Year
Kickball Athlete of the Year
Soccer Athlete of the Year
Tennis Athlete of the Year
Beach Volleyball Athlete of the Year
Bowling Athlete of the Year
VGL Community Supporter of the Year

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