LA Times - Sometimes when Samantha Sidley listens to old music by Anita O’Day, she wonders if the late jazz singer was a lesbian.

“There’s this one part in a recording of ‘Them There Eyes’ where she slurs a word and says ‘she’ instead of ‘he,’” said Sidley, 34, herself a talented interpreter of the Great American Songbook. “I’m like, ‘I heard that,’” she added in a conspiratorial whisper. “But I don’t know. Because I’m gay, I kind of always listen with that ear.”

LA Weekly - In 2018, one would think that an openly gay man with a flamboyant sense of fashion such as Boy George, fronting a multicultural band like Culture Club, would be considered the norm at this point. Or, at least, not at all shocking. Yet somehow, deliberately or not, Boy George has retained his ability to polarize opinions.

Despite his sultry blue-eyed soul and gentle pop demeanor, there’s always been a bit of a punk rocker bubbling just under the surface.

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On June 10th in West Hollywood, CA, LAPRIDE Music Festival & Parade 2016 will set the stage for a fresh lineup that is as diverse as the massive festival crowds expected to attend. The now three-day ticketed music festival features a carefully crafted assortment of Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and Latin artists, all performing on one of four venue stages.

This year's all-inclusive lineup will be headlined by multi-platinum, GRAMMY nominated singer and songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen (pictured), international pop sensation Charli XCX, responsible for penning multi-platinum and GRAMMY nominated singles and multi-platinum selling sisters/vocalists/songwriters/DJs Krewella who will join over 50 artists scheduled to perform throughout the festival weekend.

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